I Road Tripped Across Europe: Countries Had One Scary Thing in Common

A 17-day road trip through central Europe and the Adriatic region highlighted pandemic-era disparities from country to country.

If not for the vending-machine face masks and ubiquitous pump bottles of sanitizer, you might think that even northern Italy had returned to normal. In desperate need of a sunny, salty escape, my partner and I had opted to drive through the E.U. rather than fly south. Using our Dutch residence permits in lieu of American passports, we took a less social vacation than we otherwise would have taken—no guided tours or shared facilities here—and drove freely from our adopted hometown of Maastricht to western Germany and down through Austria, Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia, then back through Italy and the Swiss Alps. Almost everywhere we went, one thing was consistent: people flouted COVID-19 regulations.

How Many of France’s Natural Wonders Have You Been To?

Despite receiving more tourists than any other country on earth, how many of these natural wonders in France are you aware of?

Think of France and immediately you’ll probably conjure up images of elegant Parisian architecture, red wine, and needlessly complex (but amazing) gastronomy. Yet for a country with so much variety in its scenery, from palm tree-lined beaches to immense snow-capped mountains, France’s natural beauty gets far less attention than its culinary contributions. Here are 15 stunning natural wonders to consider visiting next time you’re in L’Hexagone.

Whether Stuck at Home or Out Traveling, You’ll Love This Loungewear

The comfiest outfit for every quarantine activity: from Zoom calls to road trips and everything in between.

Like most of the world, you probably aren’t going to be leaving your house anytime soon, which for many introverts and PJ-lovers, is actually a dream come true. For some of us, just because we can’t leave home doesn’t mean we’re letting our fashion go to the wayside. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite loungewear that will keep you cozy AF and still have you looking cute enough to go out–even if you can’t. From Lunya’s chic maxi dress to Summersalt’s all-day jumpsuit, you may never want to leave your house again if it means living in these ensembles. Bonus points? They serve as chic travel wear when the skies and roads are safe for us to explore again.